Žatec is the centre of a fertile region, which is inherently linked with beer and hops. Beer has already been brewed in the town itself for hundreds of years and the highest quality hops are cultivated in the surrounding areas, and then exported to countries all over the world. Come and enjoy a town that is proud of its tradition and its picturesque atmosphere will remind you of times long past.

The Žatecko Region has a specific character, full of harmonious landscapes covered in hop fields and extensive hop kilns. Žatec is one of the oldest and best preserved royal towns in Bohemia. In the 1930s, the town lay in the territory of the Sudetenland and became a border town of the Third Reich.

Global film-makers and unique Czech locations

The development of the town has always been linked to cultivation of hops and brewing of beer, testament to which is also the grave of the oldest Czech beer aficionado discovered here. It may surprise you to learn that the largest hops warehouse in the world is to be found here and that Žatecko is also the largest hop-growing area in the Czech Republic. The town is adored by Czech and international film-makers and several films and series are shot in Žatec every year. From the long list, we could for example name the films Les Miserables, Oliver Twist, or Yentl, which was directed by and also starred Barbara Streisand.

The greatest number of hop kilns in the world

The town’s motto is history-hops-beer-atmosphere. As soon as you enter the square in Žatec, you will understand why. The pastel colours of the town houses, the massive tower of the town hall and the nearby miniature hop field. The chimneys reaching up from the red roofs of the hop kilns are an inherent part of the Žatec panorama and the highest concentration of these in the world is to be found here.

Visit the Temple of Hops and Beer

During a tour of the Temple of Hops and Beer you will become familiarised in an entertaining manner with the whole of the hop-growing region. Uncover the secret of hop cultivation and brewing of great beer. Among other things, you will see with your own eyes a unique hop-grower’s astronomical clock and climb the temple tower in a special lift with a 3D tour! The Hop Museum will provide you with an insight into the development of hop growing from the early Middle Ages right until the present day. The complex also includes the U Orloje restaurant, where you will be able to properly enjoy your beer with the knowledge you now possess. The town centre also comes alive with many events such as the hop-harvest festival Dočesná. Beer-themed competitions such as picking hops by hand or dancing with a tankard of beer on your head attract thousands of visitors every year.

Where else to set out for?

A popular destination for trips into the surrounding area is the most elegant of Czech spa towns. You can have yourself pleasantly pampered in Karlovy Vary or try out some of the local specialities such as Becherovka or the renowned spa wafers. If you prefer a more active holiday, set out to the Krušné Mountains.