Reminisce about the good old times and times long gone in the largest craft museum in the Czech Republic, which you will find in Nový dvůr in Letohrad, built in 1750. The museum in East Bohemia has 89 comprehensive expositions on crafts and trades, mostly from the period of 1840-1930.
In addition to well-known professions, such as a carpenter or a carver, you will also find out about the work of a metal stamper, a wheelwright, a cooper, a shingle maker, and many more. There is also a 100-year-old school classroom, a historical car depot, a retro exposition, and an exposition of nativity scenes. An unusual experience is the tour of two dental offices, an X-ray, and a unique gynaecological office from 1924, as well as a surgical room from 1960. You can also explore the mechanical open-air craft museum where you can learn about the work of a carpenter, a wheelwright, or a shingle maker.

The museum is planning to open two new trails. The first will present the largest collection of nativity scenes from Králice and the second one, dominated by a ten-tonne hop press and other historical artefacts, expands the most attractive mechanical trail. When you finish at the museum, you can have lunch in the stylish Nový dvůr restaurant in the same building as the museum, or in the outdoor restaurant called Na terase.