Thun Porcelain Producer 1794

Thun Porcelain Producer 1794

The oldest Czech producer of porcelain

Top-quality porcelain has been produced in western Bohemia for over 200 years. In Klášterec nad Ohří, Nová Rola and other places, it produces not only beautiful dining, coffee, and tea sets, but also candlesticks, porcelain for hotels as well as traditional spa cups. Come and see how these fragile gems are made!

A Chateau overflowing with porcelain

In the past, deposits of quality kaolin were found in west Bohemia. Porcelain production is not possible without this natural raw material, which is why the oldest Czech porcelain factories originated here. The oldest Czech porcelain factory still in operation was founded in 1794 at the chateau in Klášterec nad Ohří by Count Thun, after whom it was named. You can explore the history in detail at the Museum of Porcelain, which is located in this castle. Here, you will also find the oldest preserved test piece of porcelain from 1794 - a pink cup with a saucer, red decor, and the inscription Vivat Böhmen.

To Hotel Pupp for the porcelain festivities

The Thun porcelain producer, from the beginning focused mainly on the production of tableware became one of the largest porcelain producers in today's Czech Republic by the end of the 19th century. Today, Thun 1794 has three branches in western Bohemia, namely in Klášterec, Nová Rola and Lesov. Although it is a company with a rich history, it still comes with new decors and procedures and its products are still popular all over the world. In cooperation with the Grandhotel Pupp, the Thun 1794 porcelain factory regularly organises Porcelain Festivities in Karlovy Vary in the spring and autumn, where you can go and see all the latest products. 

We give space to your imagination, design your own plate – one just as original as you!

The story of porcelain production is mapped by the Visitor Centre in Nová Rola near Karlovy Vary. Here, you will find an exhibition about production and a gallery of porcelain products. For larger groups of visitors, they organise workshops here, where you can paint your own plate or mug! The tour leads through the administrative building through the showroom directly to the production plant. They will also be happy to show you around the production plant in Klášterec nad Ohří, where porcelain is finished off, glazed, painted, decorated, and prepared for sale. There is also a porcelain school for children, where young visitors can try out the work of decorators.