Pardubice Castle built in the Renaissance style is considered unique in Central Europe, both thanks to the area it covers and its appearance. It is situated in the very heart of the city behind massive defence embankments.

The fortifications in the city of Pardubice in east Bohemia are in themselves a destination of trips for many visitors and local residents. In addition to relaxation zones with a view of the city centre, you will find castle animals, in particular peacocks, in its lush vegetation. The sumptuous residence combines the talents of masters of many art periods and styles.  

Besides offering classic tours, Pardubice Castle also hides many secrets, including an underground civil defence shelter. You can also climb up the castle watchtower, which, in good weather conditions, offers a beautiful view of the city and its environs. Art lovers will be pleased that the castle also houses the East Bohemian Gallery, which holds a great number of exhibitions. Permanent exhibitions are installed there: Pardubice – The Story of the City, archaeology exhibition Travelling back through Time, and the new exhibition of modern Czech glassmaking titled S.K.L.E.M.