The town of Loket is situated in west Bohemia near Karlovy Vary at a distinct rocky promontory with a beautiful medieval castle, surrounded by the Ohře River on three sides. The centre is an urban reservation. You will find a beautiful square there with the Baroque Holy Trinity Column and a series of historical burgher houses. Legend has it that this is the place where ageing Johann Wolfgang Goethe asked young Ulrika von Lewetzov to marry him on the terrace of the Bílý kůň hotel. Would you like to see this place with your own eyes?

Things to see in Loket

Loket is a popular stop for people travelling by boat along the Ohře River – and they say that the river between Loket and Karlovy Vary is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. When in Loket, you should definitely try the local beer, brewed in a small brewery on the square, called Svatý Florián The Ohře cycling trail from Loket to Karlovy Vary is a natural tourist destination. It is about 10 kilometres long and about three quarters of the way along the trail, you will come across a nature preserve on the left river bank – the Svatošské Rocks. They are a group of rock formations above the river created by the erosion activity of the Ohře River in the granite massif, a popular destination for rock climbers.

Loket Castle

The castle above the Ohře River looks like it’s from a fairy-tale. It looms above on a rocky promontory, while the river lazily flows many metres below. The castle was built in the Romanesque-Gothic style in the 13th century, witnessing many events, and today it is a popular tourist destination for all of west Bohemia. The castle regularly hosts markets and fairs, knightly tournaments, or grape harvests. The castle serves as an exhibition space and it is open all year round.

A gem in the countryside

The impressive interiors and courtyards of Loket Castle in west Bohemia combine a charming antiquity with the beauty of the raw medieval period. The medieval mural paintings offer a view of gardens with fruit trees, flowers and birds beyond the walls, and you can also see the collections of arms, porcelain and tin tableware. The chambers are furnished with historical painted furniture, you can see an old Loket pharmacy there, or a real meteorite. It reportedly fell into the courtyard in August 1422 and the famous German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe was interested in it. The castle prison with a torture chamber is notorious. There are several storeys of cold and wet cells that have been preserved in the original condition from 1822–1948 when the castle was used as a municipal prison.

What to do there

Loket Castle hosts interesting events every year. During the second weekend in August, Loket Castle returns to medieval times with knightly tournaments on horses, dancers and Gothic music, and the regent’s and burgrave’s procession. You will taste food from that time and mead. The first October weekend is full of wine and music at Loket Castle during the popular grape harvest with folk music and dances. And on the second Advent weekend in December, the castle transforms into a magical place. Carols and nativity scenes calm down the everyday hustle and bustle and the marketers will help you choose original Christmas gifts and warm up with Christmas dishes and drinks.

What to see nearby

You will fall in love with this ancient town and castle also thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by several other beautiful places. They include the popular spa of Karlovy Vary and the nearby Svatošské Rocks, a rock town in the valley of the Ohře River. Or the chateau in Bečov nad Teplou, situated about 20 km from Loket and made for lovers of historical sites and mysteries. It is where the Reliquary of St. Maurus is kept. The rare artefact, the value of which is compared to that of the Czech crown jewels, comes from the first quarter of the 13th century.