Discover a place permeated by spiritual tradition. The history of the monastery reaches back to the 14th century when it was founded by Queen Elizabeth Richeza. It is also the place where Gregor Johann Mendel laid the foundations of genetics and Leoš Janáček made his first steps towards musical immortality.
The eleven-year-old Janáček was given the opportunity to escape poverty in this monastery – and he used it to its fullest. He sang in the monastery choir for four years in exchange for food and accommodation and at the same time he started to learn about the works of the great musical masters. He lived in the monastery during his studies at the German grammar school as well. Discover the ancient interiors where Leoš Janáček the composer was born and feel the profound spirituality of the place. You will surely not be mistaken if you also visit the magnificent Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, one of the landmarks of Old Brno. Janáček lived in Mendlovo Square (where the monastery and basilica are located) for some time even as an adult.