Archbishop's Palace in Olomouc

Archbishop's Palace in Olomouc

In the footsteps of the famous at the Archbishop’s Palace

On a walking tour of Olomouc’s historic core, be sure to include one of the largest buildings in the city on your itinerary. The Archbishop’s Palace, which still serves as the residence of today’s Olomouc bishops, has hosted a large number of well-known people in its time, many of whom left their mark on European history.

At the Archbishop’s Palace you’ll see the Grand Hall where Pope John Paul II had lunch, the Throne Hall where Franz Joseph I came to the Austrian throne, and the Reception Hall where Russian Tsar Alexander I and Austrian Emperor Franz planned their strategy against Napoleon’s armies. You can also stop off at rooms that witnessed visits by Empress Maria Theresa and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Places where European history was made

During a tour of the Archbishop’s Palace you can imagine the famous personalities that have stayed in its grand quarters. So come and discover their stories and see rooms that witnessed history in the making.