The square Toulovcovo náměstí in Litomyšl
You are standing on the square Toulovcovo náměstí that invites you to relax. This quiet nook originated in possibly the oldest inhabited place under the ancient castle of Litomyšl. This is also indicated by the dominant feature of the square, the Church of the Sending of the Holy Apostles, which is the oldest ecclesiastical building in the city.

Do you perceive the special atmosphere of this part of town? This is perhaps related to Vavřinec Toulovec, a wealthy burgher, who, next to the church, established a hospital, a hospice for poor and old burgers, at his own expense. Therefore, this place is also called Špitálek. It is said that Toulovec obtained his wealth as a robber baron. However, in his old age it began to weigh on the conscience and therefore he built a hospital for the poor. According to legend, he is buried right in the Church on the square. On the square Toulovcovo náměstí, next to the church, you can also see building No. 151, where for 11 years, until her death in 1845, lived Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, a famous Czech cook and a patriot.