Marian Garden near Jičín

Marian Garden near Jičín

A unique set of Baroque chapels and churches thoughtfully installed in the landscape

Marian Garden is the name of a Barque landscape complex situated south of the town of Jičín. With an area of more than 100 km2, this piece of land offers a very peaceful environment and interesting history. The landscape complex from the turn of the 17th and 18th century is highly valued. At that time the region was governed by Count František Josef Schlik, who commissioned the construction of a number of chapels, most of them dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  
Today, the small religious buildings hidden in the woods are accessible only by old pathways and lanes and discovering them is a unique experience for every visitor. The buildings connected by various tree lined alleys form unique compositions in the landscape with magnificent views, which can be best enjoyed from the seat of a bike.

Particularly worthy of your attention are the Rococo Church of the Assumption, the Loretta, St. Anne’s Chapel, Chapel of the Holy Trinity and Chapel of Guardian Angels. Most of the churches and chapels are dedicated to the Virgin Mary imploring her to answer the prayers of the Schilk couple who longed for a child.

While discovering the little chapels of varied layouts, you can also visit other interesting places nearby, such as the Dětenice Chateau or the fairytale town of Jičín.


Mariánská zahrada, Bukvice 27, 506 01 Jičín