Chateau greenhouse in the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape
Cast-iron, steel and glass. These materials may evoke a feeling of cold and, without seeing them as they are, make you feel like you don’t want to explore any further. But what a mistake! The magnificent greenhouse that they have been used to construct holds a glorious garden of tropical and subtropical plants. You will feel as though you might have been transported into an Amazon rainforest.
And the beauty of this greenhouse should come as no surprise. The Liechtensteins hired experienced horticultural experts who were to travel South America from end to end in order to gather plant seeds needed to carry out this ambitious project. One of the criteria for the selection of the respective plantings was that something should always be in flower – whatever the season of the year. The oldest tree is roughly 300–400 years old. The greenhouse is 92 metres long and it is a technical monument of its time, constructed of materials that were then quite new. Apart from Jiří Wingelmüller, the main architect of duke Aloys II, the construction probably also involved a contribution from the English builder P. H. Desvignes.