Diana lookout tower and its surroundings
Take the trip to the Diana tower and other lookouts in its surroundings to discover some previously unseen beauties of the region.  
The Diana tower from 1914, resembling a lonely watchtower that guards the peaceful spa town, can be found on a peak called “Výšina přátelství” above the When the sky is cloudless and clear, Diana allows you to take a look not only at Karlovy VaryGrandhotel Pupp.
Krásenská Observation Tower
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Krásenská Observation Tower

This interesting, 25 meter high stone observation tower is located south of the town of Krásno on Krásen Peak. Thanks to its unusual staircase spiraling upwards along the perimeter to the top platform, it regularly ranks at the top of competitions for the loveliest Czech observation tower. It was created during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The ground floor offers a small room that can serve as a shelter from the rain, and a tour of the Mining Museum awaits you in nearby Krásno.