If you like hiking and cycling trips through extraordinary landscapes, then the Egeria Geopark is the ideal place for you. Divided between the Czech Republic and Germany, the park allows you to observe geological processes which take millions of years as they happen.

The Egeria Geopark is one of the most interesting geological sites in the Czech mountains. Although the biggest geological processes came to an end here five million years ago, you can still find a world of tectonics, volcanism, thermal springs and seismic activity. Just pull on a pair of sturdy shoes, or grab a bike, and head out to watch a piece of fascinating natural theatre. You’ll pass bubbling mud volcanoes in the SOOS protected area, ride past the rock formation called the Petrified Marriage Procession at the Svatošské Cliffs, travel back in time to the Ice Age in the Boži Dar peat bog, located near the highest town in Central Europe, and use your nose to find a woodland spot called Smraďoch (meaning “smelly place”) where sulphurous gases are emitted from the ground.

From an elegant spa to wild landscapes

Some of the region’s famous spas are great bases from which to explore the area, whether it be Karlovy Vary with its 72oC Vřídlo spring, Mariánské Lázně with its geological park or Jáchymov, a former mining village. Egeria Geopark has no defined borders but has many sites that are freely accessible to visitors and to those who long for an active break in an attractive setting.