The nature reserve of Toulovcovy maštale (Toulovec’s Stables) is the perfect place for hiking and cycling trips – you can see sandstone rock formations and scenic surroundings from the top of look-out towers. Besides the natural sights, also worth visiting is a museum of pipes, located in a historical timbered farmhouse in the town of Proseč, and the Rococo chateau Nové Hrady. The most exquisite natural beauty and historical sights can be seen along the nine cycling trails, which are 140km long all together. You can refresh yourself in the traditional pub U Toulovce. And who exactly was Toulovec? According to one legend he was a robber knight who hid out in this area.


Sdružení obcí Toulovcovy Maštale, Proseč 125, 539 44 Proseč