The Dvůr Králové Zoo and Safari

The Dvůr Králové Zoo and Safari

Experience a safari in Central Europe and stay right in the zoo!

Show your children a world full of exciting experiences. Let yourself be carried away by visions of Africa while looking at the large herds of animals. You can even become a keeper at the zoo or stay in a stylish hotel or campsite. After visiting the zoo you can also visit the nearby Baroque complex Kuks.

In the largest East Bohemian zoo you will find over 2,300 animals, including the largest collection of African animals in Europe, the mysterious forest giraffe okapi, a brand new Tropical swamp, the African savanna, Water world and another 12 unique exhibits. You can almost touch the animals here. Only a trench or glass will divide you from them. People are never stacked on top of each other there, so you won't have to do any squeezing in.

African dream

In the Safari Camp in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, the only facility of its kind in Europe, antelopes and zebras can be observed directly from your bungalow, tent or caravan. You'll feel like you're on vacation in Africa, enjoy the quiet tranquility right in the zoo, and you’ll fall asleep just as the beasts are awakening!

Experience the African safari, visit the savanna, explore the rain forest and discover the secret life of the coral reef. Get caught up in the vast grasslands of the African safari during the summer tours right through the freely grazing herds of zebra and antelope.


Štefánikova 1029
544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem