Sometimes it’s just enough to breathe. This is the basis of the cure at the celebrated climatic spa, Karlova Studánka. Not only will you find central Europe’s cleanest air here, but there are also enchanting timber spa buildings with inimitable character, top-notch medical care and the opportunity to see the wonderful countryside in the surrounding area, a mix of wooded hills, waterfalls, steep cliffs and widescreen views. Come to the heart of the Jeseníky Mountains and take a deep breath!

Karlova Studánka can pride itself on over two centuries of providing traditional cures for problems with the respiratory system. Thanks to natural mineral water, gas and peat, other complaints such as those affecting the muscular-skeletal, the circulatory and cardiovascular systems can also be treated. But the greatest asset here is the climate, and the purity of the air here is all down to the spa’s altitude at 800 m above sea level and location amid virgin forest, far from civilisation.

Top spa care for ailing and healthy alike

Fancy a swim in a salt-water pool? Or relaxing in a salt cave? Or how about sitting on an underwater bed or trying out a Vacu Well or Vibrosauna? Or is pampering as part of a wellness programme more to your taste? All this and much more is awaiting in the seven spa houses. You can also enjoy a CO2 bath and peat wraps with medicinal effects, which infuse your body with the purest elements nature has to offer.

A town with an inimitable atmosphere

Just as the local climate is beneficial for the lungs, the timber houses of Karlova Studánka are soothing for the eyes. You can stroll amid the idyllic spa houses built in the Empire style, all located in a conservation area. You can explore the hunting lodge of the former owners of the estate and the Chapel of St Hubert, as well as dropping by at the Pitný (Tap) and Libuše Houses to sample the local spring water.

Where next?

Every breath in Karlova Studánka infuses the body with oxygen and negative ions, all of which is beneficial. So why not discover the wonderful surroundings of the spa town and take a few deep breaths while you’re at it? You can make an ascent of Praděd, the highest peak in the Jeseníky Mountains, from the top of which you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the surrounding mountainscape. Romantic types will love the hiking trail along the Bílá Opava River with its many waterfalls. In the winter months Karlova Studánka is the ideal base for skiing at na Ovčárně.


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