Spa House Palace I in Františkovy Lázně
The Spa House Palace I in Františkovy Lázně has a saltwater swimming pool, a spa balneotherapy with a wide range of healing treatments and a permanent medical service. Basic services - accommodation, meals and medical treatments - are provided "under one roof".
If you stay in the main building of the Spa House Palace I ****, you will have everything under one roof - treatments, a saltwater pool and a mineral spring for a drinking cure. There is also a dining room, café, reception and 24-hour medical service. The main Palace I building also includes a café, reception, two lifts, a saltwater pool, a doctor's office and a nurses' station with 24-hour service. Once a week there is an evening of live music.

The room offer includes single rooms, double rooms or suites, in Standard, Comfort or Deluxe. Rooms are equipped with a bathroom (shower, toilet), Comfort and Deluxe rooms have a balcony. A safe is included in the price of the stay in the apartments, in the single and double rooms a safe is available for a fee.

Spa treatments and relaxation stays

Local natural healing resources are used in the LD Palace - peat, mineral water Glauber III and New Church, healing gas CO2. The local natural resources are then supplemented by other treatments (bubble baths, whirlpool baths, various types of massages, etc.). You can stay with us even for 1 week, but for a better effect doctors recommend 3 to 4 weeks. During the whole time we will provide you with quality spa care and maximum comfort.

We are not just an ordinary wellness hotel, but above all a registered medical facility where people come not only for relaxation, but mainly for treatment. This is matched by the education of our staff and the high quality of our services. The price of a relaxing stay includes selected treatments as well as a drinking cure, access to a pool with slightly salty water, a gym and a small fitness studio.

The hotel doctor will advise you, if you wish, which other treatments are suitable for you. These can then be added at a 25% discount. You can also ask for advice from the nurses, who are available 24 hours a day and will of course also help if you are not feeling well.

You can visit the infrared sauna with salt crystals, and there is also a hairdressing salon, pedicure, manicure and cosmetics.


Both local and international specialties are served in the hotel's restaurant. Breakfast is served buffet style, lunch and dinner a choice of 3-4 dishes with a salad buffet. Upon agreement, it is possible to arrange a dietary and gluten-free program (for an additional fee depending on the severity of the diet). During the day you can enjoy a quality coffee with homemade desserts.


Boženy Němcové 153/6, 35101 Františkovy Lázně