East Moravia is a region of the Wallachian Mountains, Haná Flatlands, vineyards soaked in sunshine, original gastronomy and valuable architectural monuments. It is also an area with a distinct thousand-year-tradition of Christianity. The pilgrimage trails will lead you past the most beautiful cathedrals and churches and allow you to uncover their stories of faith.

The pilgrimage trails of East Moravia allow visitors to visit places linked with history and spiritual values. Combine getting to know the beautiful landscape with the faith and traditions of the Moravian Slovakia region which are still alive today. Try the specific local gastronomy and recharge your batteries from the healing springs in the largest of the Moravian spas in Luhačovice.

More than 1,150 years of Christian tradition

The story of Christianity in East Moravia began with the arrival of the Slav missionaries Cyril and Methodius, who came to Great Moravia in 863 from Thessaloniki. They introduced the Slav language into church services here, created their own lettering and translated the New Testament into Old Slovak. The year 2013 was marked by the 1,150th anniversary of the brothers’ arrival and this was linked to great celebrations throughout the region. Return to the roots of Christianity and get to know Great Moravia as a pilgrim.

Travelling around cathedrals in East Moravia

A popular pilgrimage trail is the seven-day trip leading from Kroměříž to the most important Czech pilgrimage site Velehrad, which is a region where, according to legend, the historically oldest Czech empire of Great Moravia spread out and which was honoured by the pope thanks to its church and large monastery. The history of Christianity will then open out for you on the five-day trail from Svatý Hostýn, via Štípa all the way to Uherské Hradiště. Svatý Hostýn, with its Baroque cathedral sitting on a peak in the Hostýn forests and Stations of the Cross leading right to a miraculous spring, is of one of the most visited holy places.

The Athens of Haná and great wine

A privileged position is also held by the city of Kroměříž, which is known as the “Athens of Haná” due to its magnificence. Your first steps in this city should be made in the direction of the complex of the Archbishop’s chateau surrounded by wonderful Baroque gardens, which have also been included in the UNESCO world heritage list. You can make your visit more pleasant with a visit to the Archbishop’s cellars and try the renowned sacramental wine.