Poděbrady Spa

Poděbrady Spa

The largest spa company in the Central Bohemia Region has tradition since 1908. Poděbrady is located on the river Labe 50 kilometres (31 miles) east from the capital city of Prague.
Poděbrady Spa has an accommodation capacity of over 900 beds for clients on curative and wellness stays. A speciality of the spa in Poděbrady is the Early Rehabilitation Cardiology Centre, where patients are moved directly from the cardiac surgery clinics after heart operations. Relaxation and wellness stays are offered in 3- or 4-stars hotels. All hotels are located in a beautiful surrounding countryside.
Therapeutic procedures are successful mainly because of healing mineral springs. The spa offers a rich cultural and social program: colonnade concerts, traditional dancing events etc... Poděbrady is also a place for leisure activities: cycling, in-line skating, golf, tennis, pétanque etc…

What we treat

  • heart and vessels diseases
  • conditions after the ischemic heart disease operations
  • diabetes mellitus
  • diseases of the locomotor apparatus
  • diseases of the nervous system
  • oncological diseases
  • child obesity
  • more and more clients come to us for wellness and relaxation stays.


Spa combines both, modern and traditional curative methods to improve client’s health. Typical treatment includes following carbonic bath, gas injections, electroprocedures, rehabilitation, and medical action (Echocardiography). Wellness procedures includes following water procedures, full body and partial massages, hydrojet, full body and partial wraps, infrasauna, paraffin wraps, salt cave, swimming pool etc.


Libuše***, Zimní lázně***, Zámeček****, Libenský****, Bellevue Tlapák****
In March 2022 we are opening a new Hotel Chariclea****