Roudnice Castle historically served as the princely and Ducal seat of the Lobkowicz family. It is perched above the Elbe River in the heart of the historic town of Roudnice nad Labem, approximately 50 km north of Prague. 
The Lobkowicz family’s history in the over 200-room Baroque castle began with the wedding of Princess Polyxena Lobkowicz, née Pernstein (1566–1642) and Zdenko Adalbert Popel, 1st Prince Lobkowicz (1568–1628), in 1603.
The castle originally housed the Lobkowicz Library & Archives. Throughout the 20th-century periods of confiscation under the Nazi and Communist regimes, the building was used as a Nazi training school and a military music school, respectively. 

The castle, whose Romanesque foundations date to the 12th century, features a clock tower, monastery, Baroque chapel, and modern art gallery in the former riding hall. Roudnice Castle also serves as a venue for guided tours, concerts, festivals, gastronomy, theatrical productions, and films

The winery (Zámek Lobkowicz Roudnice, s.r.o.), located in the historic castle cellars, dates to 1603. Building on a long-standing tradition of winemaking, the winery continues to produce exceptional wines and many award-winning labels. Tours and wine tastings are available by appointment.