Relax in the luxurious resort in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains with a wellness centre, a pool and a beer spa where they use the beer they brew themselves. The beer can also be enjoyed at the excellent local restaurant. You can stay in several buildings connected by underground passages – or in the chateau.
Besides the pool with a beautiful view and the beer spa, the high-quality wellness centre also includes a hot tub, saunas and a private spa. You can also relax during a massage or in the chateau park that surrounds the whole area. Use the indoor play area for children, the sports hall, bowling alley, or the outdoor pool in summer.

In winter, you can enjoy the hotel ski slope in the resort, or visit the nearby ski resort, one of the largest in Moravia – Ski Resort Kouty nad Desnou.
Explore the beauty of the Jeseníky Mountains on cross-country skis along dozens of kilometres of groomed tracks of the main Jeseníky trail. The tracks are used as cycling trails in other seasons. The Jeseníky Mountains are also a paradise for hikers – there are many trails in the surrounding area.

What to See in the Area 

Visit the nearby Velké Losiny Spa. Besides the large thermal park, you can also visit the Renaissance chateau with a dark history linked to witches or the historical paper manufacture, registered to be inscribed by UNESCO. The trip to one of the seven wonders of Czechia will take your breath away – the Dlouhé Stráně Power Plant.