The Best from the Czech 2023 Cultural Events Calendar

The Best from the Czech 2023 Cultural Events Calendar

Festivals, concerts, Czech folklore inscribed by UNESCO... We are bringing TOP Czech cultural events for 2023

The Best from the Czech 2023 Cultural Events Calendar
Would you like to experience the atmosphere of an international film festival? Can’t wait for the beginning of the music festival season? Do you like exploring foreign folklore traditions? Then this is the right place for you! We have prepared a selection of the best events on the Czech cultural scene in 2023.

See Global Stars in Spas or Monasteries

 You don’t have to travel to Cannes to experience the atmosphere of an INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL with stars (such as Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and many more) on the red carpet, film premières and parties where champagne flows like a river. Visit the UNESCO spa town of Karlovy Vary!

This year, global music stars will also shine brightly in the Czech capital! There are dozens of performances by the best musicians, symphonic orchestras and chamber ensembles from all over the world to charm you; some of them in quite unusual places. Music will liven up churches, monasteries and museums during the famous PRAGUE SPRING international festival.

And the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL ČESKÝ KRUMLOV will be held in a similar spirit. At 11 traditional and unusual venues in one of the most picturesque Czech towns, even listed by UNESCO, and its surroundings you will be able to be enchanted not only by chamber works, but also by symphonic and choral works, as well as ballet suites, opera arias, and Spanish zarzuelas.

Colours Everywhere You Look

The capital will also shine in October. Literally! One of the greatest Czech cultural events is the SIGNAL FESTIVAL, an amazing light show that lights up the streets and public spaces in Prague, its most famous historical landmarks as well as less known nooks with colourful projections under the baton of Czech and foreign light designers.

The city of Ostrava and its unique industrial area of Dolní Vítkovice, where you will feel as if in a sci-fi film, becomes the Mecca of summer music festivals in July. You can party at one of the best and largest multi-genre festivals in Europe: COLOURS OF OSTRAVA, or at BEATS FOR LOVEthe largest electronic dance festival in Central Europe.

World Treasures: Dance, Heaps of Pork and a Boy in a Ladies’ Dress

How about visiting the largest and oldest  INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL in Europe and see the dancers of wild Verbuňk, protected by UNESCO? Take a note of the STRÁŽNICE Open-Air Museum.

Add one more folklore tradition from the UNESCO list to verbuňk. You can enjoy a colourful medley of masks with a proper feast full of pork, doughnuts and plum brandy during the SHROVETIDE FESTIVAL. The exuberant celebrations before Lent starts have been taking place all around the country since time immemorial; however, only the Hlinsko festival bears the mark of world heritage.

The RIDE OF THE KINGS also has long roots in the Czech culture. A procession led by the king and his entourage on dressed up horses... It may sound simple for heritage inscribed by UNESCO. But the king is a small boy with a rose between his lips, wearing a ladies’ dress!

The Countdown to Advent Begins...

We cannot even imagine Advent without Christmas markets. Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, České Budějovice… Cities all over the country are scented with punch, mulled wine and gingerbread! But that is far away. We will bring a list of the most beautiful Christmas markets when the time comes.

And that’s far from all!