Buchlovice Château

Buchlovice Château

A Baroque gem amidst noble residents

Buchlovice Château, situated in the east of the country near the Slovak border, is one of the most important Baroque noble residents in the Czech Republic for the quality of its architecture, extensive collections, famous owners, as well as its historical importance place in the last few years of the Habsburg monarchy.

The construction started shortly before 1700. Its significance grew considerably around 1900, under the rule of Duke Leopold Berchtold. The Buchlovice Château was converted into a representative residence where leading politicians of that time made decisions about the destiny of Europe. The current look of the château, as well as the luxuriously furnished interiors come from that time. The Baroque garden and the large English park also have exceptional importance and are considered among the most beautiful historical gardens in the Czech Republic.

In addition to the château and the park, visitors can also see a unique collection of fuchsias, theme-based exhibitions and various cultural events. Young visitors will appreciate the animal rescue station and a small zoological garden with numerous domestic and exotic animals.

Buchlovice also offers some interesting landmarks in the surroundings including Buchlov Castle, a unique Baroque cemetery in Střílky, the famous pilgrimage site in Velehrad and the Great Moravian landmarks in Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště. The whole château area is barrier-free.