Lázně Jáchymov

Lázně Jáchymov

Discover Jáchymov – a spa that gave its name to the dollar!

In a wooded valley at the foot of the Krušné Mountains, you will find the spa town of Jáchymov, which was established as the first radon spa in the world. Come to cure your maladies in this beautiful submontane environment, which for centuries has been associated with its mining past. Whether you travel here in summer or winter, you can enjoy a spa stay with all the trimmings.

The history of the spa in Jáchymov began in the early 20th century. At that time, miners extracting uranium ore from the former silver mines came upon a powerful spring of radon water. Since that time, visitors from all over the world have come here to be pampered in the local spa – just as Johann Strauss, Baron Rothschild and Maria Skłodowska-Curie once did.

Jáchymov will get you back on your feet

If you suffer from disorders of the locomotor system with a neurological basis, skin diseases or osteoporosis, Jáchymov is ideal for you. After the Curies discovered polonium and radium, it was ascertained that radioactive water from the flooded mine shafts in Jáchymov, when taken in small doses, has a very positive effect on the locomotor system. Come see for yourself!

Delve into the history of world currencies

Jáchymov offers much more than just its world-famous spa. In the city, itself don’t overlook the interesting Renaissance town hall and the Church of St. Joachim. Also worth a visit is the Royal Mint with a museum, where among other things you will learn how the local Jáchymov thaler, minted in the 16th century, gave its name to the best-known currency in the world today – the U.S. dollar.

Where else to go?

To discover more about Jáchymov’s turbulent history you can set off on the interesting nature trail called Jáchymovské Peklo (Jáchymov Hell). Your day will surely be made more pleasant with a trip to Boží dar, the city with the highest altitude in the Czech Republic and an important centre for winter sport. The epitome of spa elegance and glamour can be found in nearby Karlovy Vary.


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