Bohemian Paradise along the Greenway Jizera

Bohemian Paradise along the Greenway Jizera

Through fairytale Bohemian Paradise by the Greenway Jizera route

Bohemian Paradise acquired its name for a reason. It is a genuine paradise for those who enjoy walks between high stone walls, long-distance views of a wonderful landscape and getting to know elegant chateaux, as well as those who like to spend their holidays on the saddle of a bicycle. The area is home to a dense network of perfectly marked cycle routes, including the spine of the Greenway Jizera route, which will lead you through the most beautiful spots in this UNESCO geopark and provide you with a wonderful experience. Get pedalling!

Bohemian Paradise offers cyclists a very broad choice of marked routes. The first is the medium-difficulty 16km Hruboskalská path, which starts at the former spas of Sedmihorky and takes riders by one of the area’s most beautiful chateaux, Hrubá Skála, majestically located on a forested rock plateau. From there, you enter the amazing world of the Hrubá Skála rock town with more than 200 rock towers of up to 60m in height. If ruins are your thing, you should definitely visit another interesting stop on the route, the ruins of the Gothic castle of Valdštejn. The cycle route ends at Kacanovy, where you can treat your tired body to some pleasant relaxation in the pool, or just lounge on the beach.

Visit the Dolomites!

Fancy feeling like you’re in the Dolomites for a while? If so, just set off on a medium-difficulty 19km cycle route around the rocks. It will take you from Malá Skála, which is full of enchanting timber houses, to the amazing Suché skály massif, which – thanks to its height and pointed towers – is commonly referred to as the Malá Skála Dolomites. The cycle route then continues through the Besedické skály, with their romantic U Kalicha maze, through Klokočí to the ruins of the Rotštejn rock castle. Your trip will conclude in Dubecko, where a climb up its viewing tower will be rewarded with sublime panoramas.

A little bit of France in the heart of Bohemian Paradise

Do you like long views across the landscape? If your answer is in the affirmative, why not check out the 29km medium-difficulty cycle route around Libuňky, which starts at Rovensko pod Troskami and winds through the Apolena rock labyrinth to Trosky Castle, a symbol of Bohemian Paradise that stands on two tall volcanic columns? There are more beautiful views from Borecké skály, while you can also check out Hrubá Skála chateau and complete your trip by looking for gems around Radostná below the Kozákov peak, a spot famous for its gemstones. You will feel just like you’re in France if you take the romantic 20km cycle route to Sychrov. This medium-difficulty route leads through enchanting villages such as Pěnčín and Svijanský Újezd on its way to Sychrov, where you will find a splendid chateau in the French neo-Gothic style. There you can rest a while in the gorgeous chateau park with its tiny buildings, or take in a display of falconry.

All you have to do is choose…

Not a champion cyclist? It doesn’t matter! You can also experience the beauty of Bohemian Paradise on an undemanding 11km cycle route around Drábovna. It will take you from Dolánky, home to one of the most beautiful two-storey wooden houses in the Czech Republic, through Bartošova pec, with the country’s most perfect artificial karst system, and the Drábovna rock labyrinth to Malá Skála, where you can reward yourself at the local pub Boučkův statek. However, Bohemian Paradise also offers many more routes crisscrossing this fairytale landscape. All you need to do is pick up a map at any information centre and your adventure is ready to begin!



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