Krušné Mountains

Krušné Mountains

The Krušné Mountains – a mine of experiences

Fancy following in the footsteps of prospectors who climbed high into the mountains looking for precious metals? Then come to the Krušné Mountains! As early as the 12th century copper, tin and silver were being mined here, the miners leaving behind an endless labyrinth of mines and panning sites.

The highest peak in the Krušné Mountains is Mount Klínovec, which is located on the border with Germany and near the town of Boží Dar. It’s first mentioned in the 16th century in connection with avalanches, a phenomenon that dogged the inhabitants of the Krušné Mountains, destroying forests and homes.

The highest town in central Europe

A perfect base for hikes to the top of Klínovec is the town of Boží Dar. For walks you’ll be heading out from the highest town in central Europe, situated at 1,028m above sea level. Our route to the top of Klínovec climbs just 200m and is a mere 5km long. Boží Dar was founded next to silver and tin mines in 1533 as a mining community. Today it’s great skiing country as it boasts the most notable winter sports centre in the Krušné range.

In the town be sure not to miss the Baroque church and the nearby nature reserve, the Božídarské peat bog. Continue along a red-marked trail to the top of a peak called Na Neklidu. Pass the ski lifts and join the road that leads to the top of Klínovec, taking a short cut through the forest. Your efforts will be rewarded with tremendous views across the landscape.

From a glassworks to Komáří vížka

The ridge running along the top of the Krušné Mountains offers cyclists and hikers a number of great trails to follow. From the village of Moldava, where you can learn a little about the history of the glass-making industry and even see a replica of a medieval glassworks, continue on to Cínovec. This village was established in the 14th century when tin ore was discovered in the surrounding area. It grew even bigger when silver was found at a mine called Doubting Thomas. Cínovec is the ideal starting point for all hiking and cycling trips into the Krušné Mountains. For instance you can continue from here to Komáří vížka. A cable car from Krupka makes the last part of the climb a little less strenuous, and you can take time to admire the wonderful panoramas.