The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 will be held from 10 – 26 May in Prague and Ostrava

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 is approaching. Let's have a refresher on some interesting facts connected with the Czech hockey aces, amongst others. Do you know what makes Czech hockey pucks unbeatable, and who brought fame to the hairstyle popularly known as "business at the front, party in the back"?

The best hockey pucks are from Czechia

They’re familiar to hockey players from almost all over the world. The black hockey pucks, which have been used since the Nagano Olympics under the banner of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), are manufactured in East Moravia by Gufex, a family-owned company.

If you fancy taking a trip there, don't forget to visit the town of Zlín, inseparably linked to the Bat'a family and the centre of the region’s folk heritage, renowned for its Lešná Zoo, where you can pet and feed stingrays, as well as its beautiful views, not to mention the original folk architecture designed by Dušan Jurkovič at Pustevny.

Did you know?
Hockey is played with Czech Gufex pucks on every continent, from North America to Australia. They are made of a unique blend of materials, and although they can fly at speeds of over 160 km/h, they are the only ones in the world that do not break Plexiglas.

The golden age of Czech hockey

Hockey is deeply rooted in the Czech DNA. The 1990s are considered the "golden age" of Czech hockey. During that decade, Czechia won several world championships and in 1998 took the Olympic gold medal in Nagano. Back then, the "Golden Boys of Nagano", as the hockey legends led by Jaromír Jágr and Dominik Hašek are called, faced off against some other great hockey players: Wayne Gretzky played for Canada, Teemu Selanne for Finland and Peter Draisaitl for Germany. Who was, by the way, born in Czechia.

Jaromír Jágr and the Hall of Fame

One of Czechia’s most legendary hockey players is Jaromír Jágr. He’s considered one of the greatest hockey players of all time and has had a long and illustrious NHL career with several Stanley Cup wins and numerous individual awards. He now owns and manages a hockey club in Kladno, a town near Prague. There, you can visit the Kladno Hockey Hall of Fame free of charge in the middle of the OAZA shopping centre.

The main attractions include the gold medals from the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, the bronze from the Olympic Games in Turin 2006, hockey sticks, skates and jerseys from various eras of the Kladno club, as well as a small Stanley Cup and Jaromír Jágr's first ever jersey from his time in Pittsburgh, USA.

By the way, Jaromír Jágr played in America alongside some other great hockey players: Mario Lemieux was his teammate with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mark Messier with the New York Rangers and Pavel Bure with the Florida Panthers.

Did you know that:

  • Jaromír Jágr scored the most goals in one season (NHL). He holds the record for the most goals scored by a Czech player in a single NHL season. During the 1995-96 season, he scored 62 goals while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  • Jaromír Jágr also has the most career points (NHL). He holds the record for most points in an NHL career by a Czech player. During his illustrious career, Jágr scored a total of 1,921 points, making him the second best scorer in NHL history.

  • The "business at the front, party in the back" hairstyle: This style of hairstyle became so popular that it earned this poetic name. Short hair at the front, longer in the back - the mullet, basically. It was Jaromír Jágr who took it from the hockey stadiums to the streets.

Dominik Hašek alias Dominator

Dominik Hašek
is widely regarded as one of the greatest goaltenders in the history of the sport. Hašek's unorthodox style and incredible reflexes earned him the nickname "Dominator". During his NHL career, he won two Stanley Cups and several Vezina Trophies.

Hašek's life is connected with Pardubice, a town known for its fragrant gingerbread and prestigious horse races. He was born there as Dominik Kaštánek and played for the Pardubice club. And you can go there for a romantic bike tour along the Elbe River.

Did you know that...

  • Dominik Hašek has the most wins as a goaltender (NHL). He holds the record for the most wins by a Czech goaltender in the NHL. Hašek reaped 389 victories in his career, cementing his status as one of the best goalies of all time.


All information about the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 can be found here:

2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia

2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia

The 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships will be hosted by Prague and Ostrava. The final weekend - the Semi-final, the Bronze Medal Game and the Final - will take place at the Prague Arena.