Enjoy the atmosphere of horse racing at the most famous Czech racecourse, which hosts the oldest and hardest race in continental Europe, the Great Pardubice Steeplechase (Velká pardubická). Or take a guided tour and walk the route of the legendary steeplechase, including one of the world's hardest obstacel, the Taxis Ditch.

During a tour of the racecourse of mainland Europe's oldest steeplechase, held every second Sunday in October, you'll learn interesting facts about the history of the racecourse, hear stories of famous horses and riders, and see the obstacles including the Taxis Ditch - one of the world's hardest jumps. It is jumped only once a year during the Great Pardubice Steeplechase and horses have to jump up to 8 metres! The tour also includes a stop at the statue of the most successful rider in the history of the Great Pardubice Steeplechase, the Czech jockey Josef Váňa.

Of all Czech sporting events, the Great Pardubice Steeplechase has the longest tradition. Its history began 144 years ago! It first started on 5 November 1874.

Book excursions (in English) via e-mail or phone at least 2 weeks in advance. Tours are only available on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

And of course, you can visit the horse races, jumping competitions and all-around competitions. Keep an eye on the racecourse's calendar!