Unique Czech Glass Medals created for Hockey Champs
These unique hand-crafted medals are a rarity. They combine the finest traditional glassmaking craftsmanship, modern design, and the passion of the game with the rich heritage of Czechia - a hockey powerhouse. For this year’s IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Prague and Ostrava, the winners’ medals have been created by the renowned atelier in the Crystal Valley of Czechia.

Czech glass shines on world stage

The Crystal Valley in the northern part of Czechia is renowned for producing the finest Czech glass. Luxurious Dubai chandeliers and trophies for the Tour de France are all made here, and once again, steps into the spotlight - this time in the international sporting world. In the workshops of Kolektiv Ateliers in Nový Bor, an exceptional set of stunning glass medals has been specially created for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

Photo: Kolektiv Ateliers (4x)

The medal’s central motif is the iconic shape of a hockey puck, a symbol that unites the hockey world. Czechia is famous for producing hockey pucks and and is crafted for hockey players globally by the Czech company Gufex. According to the creators, the medals represent the rich tradition of hockey in Czechia, the fervour of the fans, and the beauty of the sport.

The pure and elegant crystal glass design evokes the image of an ice rink and sparkling bubbles reference the natural characteristics of ice. It also suggests the adrenaline and excitement of hockey games. Sharp cuts are inspired by the skate marks on the ice surface while the gold, silver, and bronze rims reflect the hockey rink boards.

An original and valuable trophy

Renowned glass designer Kateřina Handlová, who is acclaimed for her work and creates spectacular glass sculptures for the most luxurious hotels and residences worldwide, is behind the artistic design.
These unique medals will serve not only as a precious reward for the winning teams and players but also as one of the symbols of the entire IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 in the Czech Republic.

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