10 Tips for Kid-Friendly Bike Trips
Introducing our family-friendly bike trails in Czechia! Enjoy leisurely rides through stunning valleys and along picturesque rivers, all designed to avoid steep hills. Perfect for parents and kids alike!

To the château along the Vltava River

The cycle path on the left bank of Vltava from České Budějovice via Karlův hrádek to Hluboká is one of the most popular in South Bohemia. The route, more than 20 km long, is asphalted and mostly off-road.

It starts by the swimming stadium in the centre of České Budějovice and continues below the stunning Hluboká nad Vltavou Château. You can stop in for a tour, an art exhibition or just a bite to eat. There, it joins a brand new cycle path running past the ruins of Karlův hrádek to Purkarka, from where you can return by boat.

The trail on the left bank is also suitable for families with children and in-line skaters, as it’s nice and flat. In Bavorovice you can reward yourself with a pleasant drink and a bite to eat in the local pub, and especially admire the beautiful folk Baroque architecture. All cyclists should note that there’s also a trail on the right bank - it leads along a paved path. This means there is more space for skaters on the left bank, where the route is asphalted.

Třeboň Region – A Countryside Made for Family Bike Trips

South Bohemia, and mainly the Třeboň Region, is a paradise to cyclists. The bike trail around Třeboň is also an educational trail with many scenic vistas and stops with information boards in Czech and English. They describe the most typical things you will see in the Třeboň Region – the ponds and pond systems, peat bogs, forest complexes and wet meadows. The trail starts by Pond Svět and ends in front of the town gates. It is 39 kilometres long.

Around the Moravian “Sea” on Bicycle

The charming countryside surrounding the Nové Mlýny water reservoir in Moravia, sometimes called the “Moravian sea”, is perfect for bike touring. The terrain only has slight elevation gains which makes it ideal for cycling with kids. You can start in Dolní Věstonice, where the oldest ceramic statuette in the world was found, known as the Venus of Věstonice. Check out the small archaeological exposition there. The trail then continues along the water reservoir towards Brod nad Dyjí and to Pasohlávky, one of the recreational areas by the Nové Mlýny reservoir.

Around the Largest Czech Water Reservoir

A beautiful cycling trail with an easy profile can be found by the Lipno water reservoir in South Bohemia.  Go on a bike trip along the banks of the largest Czech water reservoir, starting in Lipno nad Vltavou, where you can take your kids to the rope park, forest playground or the Treetop Walkway. The trail from the dam to the Frymburk dock is 10 kilometres long and its perfect surface makes it also suitable for rollerblading.

The Royal Treasures of Central Bohemia

Many visitors travel from Prague to Karlštejn by car or train. But what about cycling there? You can choose from several different routes with various difficulty levels but families with children most often follow the flat trail from the centre of Prague along River Vltava to Lahovice and then through the valley around River Berounka. The destination is clear – the royal castle of Karlštejn. And when you run out of energy, you can always get back to Prague by train!

UNESCO Sites by Bike. Comfortably.

In South Moravia, not far from the Austrian border, you will find the largest designed landscape in the world – the beautiful chateau park known as the Lednice Valtice Landscape Area, inscribed by UNESCO. The beautiful trails leading through the flat terrain are made for bike trips with small kids. Cycling is not permitted inside the chateau park, but both chateaus are connected with a beautiful cycling trail, called Knížecí. It is about 12 kilometres long and passes through a flat terrain with many interesting surprises along the way.

You will see, for example, the Classicist Temple of the Three Graces or the Empire Rendez-Vous Chateau. The trail along the dam between the Lednice ponds offers a beautiful view and you can finish your trip by a tour of the Lednice chateau and its beautiful gardens. Will you climb to the top of the Minaret?

Looking for a Bike Trail without Any Hills?

Then you should go to the Baťa Canal in Moravia. It runs from Kroměříž to Hodonín and it is lined with a bike trail without a single hill for 80 kilometres. Even the littlest ones can cycle quite a bit without complaining. It is all paved, there are no intersections with other types of traffic and the elevation again is basically zero. You can start anywhere – you should definitely visit Kroměříž and its gardens and the chateau inscribed by UNESCO, or Uherské Hradiště with nearby Velehrad and the Modrá archaeological open-air museum.

Cycling along Elbe, the Longest Czech River

A beautiful and comfortable cycling trail follows River Elbe through Nymburk and Poděbrady in Central Bohemia. Both towns offer interesting landmarks that are worth visiting. We recommend visiting the beautiful park with a flower clock in the spa of Poděbrady, or the remains of the medieval town walls in Nymburk. The trail is about 8 kilometres long one-way.

Šumava Views That Will Take Your Breath Away

The Šumava cycling trail from Nová Pec to Nové Údolí is rightly considered one of the most beautiful trails in the country. It passes through the flat terrain of the beautiful Šumava countryside, along smooth paved forest roads, lined with small streams. An interesting thing is that it follows the railway track almost all the way. It is about 30 kilometres long, but you can stop at several places and take a train back to Nová Pec. The trail is also suitable for small kids or with a bike trailer.

Jeseníky Bike Tour along Medieval Merchant Road

Rejvíz and Vrbno pod Pradědem in the Jeseníky Mountains in Moravia are linked with a paved cycling trail that winds through the picturesque valley of River Černá Opava and follows a medieval merchant road. You will pass by the ruins of the Gothic castle of Koberštejn, and you can also check out the remains of a rare technical monument along the way – the Lorenz-Vavřinec steel mill, a charcoal blast furnace.

Into the Centre of a National Park for a Scenic Vista

South Moravia is a home to the smallest Czech national park – Podyjí. Take your kids to an easy bike trip from Lukov or Čížov to the Hardegg Scenic Vista with a wooden gazebo that offers an amazing view of the valley of River Dyje and the Austrian town of Hardegg with a castle. And what not to miss along the way? In the south end of Čížov, you will come across border barriers with barbed wire and a guard tower that shows visitors what the Iron Curtain from more than thirty years ago looked like.

Cycling experiences
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Cycling experiences

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