Protected Areas

Protected Areas

National and natural parks, protected landscape areas, and other places are trying to attract visitors with a number of innovations.

Visitor centers, observation towers, marked trails for cyclists and pedestrians, and thematic nature trails are being built. The promise of summer scenery of warm rock walls and floodplain meadows is in the Podyjí National Park, while you can check out the cold world of our highest mountains in Krkonoše National Park. In Bohemian Paradise you will find rock formations and rock cities with romantic lookouts, and stroll through mysterious bottomland forests in the Pálava Biosphere Reserve.

To discover fascinating and current information about the protected natural area or national park you are visiting, we recommend beginning your journey at the Houses of Nature. We have prepared a map for you – simply scroll down.

Six basic rules for a respectful tourist

I know where I'm going

I plan my trip based on my experience and abilities. I bring everything I might need with me. I get familiar with the rules and regulations in the area I plan to visit.

I protect nature

Usually, it does not matter if I pick some berries for myself. However, I do not disturb the environment, I do not pick flowers, nor do I kill any living animals. I collect only experiences and photos. I also move around mainly on foot.

I respect locals and other tourists

I respect all the rules and regulations in a protected area. I am also respectful to nature and to local inhabitants. I do not disturb nature with noise, light, or by my presence where it is prohibited or where I may cause problems. I behave in a way that I do not disturb the recreational experience of others. I am always in control of my dog.

I am responsible for my own safety

I am aware of the surroundings; I do not take risks. I know that nature can be dangerous for someone who is not cautious enough. However, I am glad that nature is not regulated and it stays as wilderness.

I do not leave any trace

What I bring with me, I also take back with me. If I need to go to the toilet, I do not leave any visible trace. Any site I visit, I leave as I found it.

I take care of the place

I protect the place I visit. I do not publish photographs nor the coordinates of places that are not easily accessible nor generally famous. I inform the site manager or a ranger about illegal behaviour or damage to nature or infrastructure.

Discover Czech protected natural areas and national parks

To find out up-to-date information about the visited protected natural area or national park, start your journey in the Houses of Nature

Travel sustainably

Travel sustainably

We love travelling but we are mindful of how damaging it can be to the environment and the locals. To be sustainable, travel should show respect for the nature and culture of the places you visit. Just starting to think about ‘greener’ travel means you are on your way to becoming a responsible traveller.