Cross-country skiing: Great tips for those who don’t need huge hills to ski and have fun in the snow.
Do you know the feeling when a long white track is winding in front of you and your cross-country skis are sliding easily step by step? Then you will love the hundreds of kilometres of groomed cross-country ski trails along the ridges of Czech mountains, with many side trips to interesting places, mountain chalets and cottages where you can have something to eat and rest.

You will find countless opportunities for short and long trips through the peaceful and quiet Czech and Moravian hills, or you can enjoy the busy atmosphere of the annual cross-country ski races, such as Jizerská 50, the Orlické Mountains marathon, JeLyMan between Králický Sněžník and the Jeseníky Mountains or Skimarathon in Šumava. If you want other sporting challenges, go to the Ore Mountains in the footsteps of a great Czech athlete along the Lukáš Bauer Tour trail. Or go to Šumava to follow the white footsteps of Olympic winner Kateřina Neumannová.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet, you might like the main Jizera trail, one of the most popular cross-country ski trails in Czechia, or indulge yourselves in the snow covered landscape along the main Jeseníky trail, where your lungs will especially appreciate the cleanest air in Central Europe.