Drawing you into the world of digital imagination, this interactive exhibition pushes boundaries of perception and imagination. You will discover your story of light in the dark and engage all your senses.
When you enter the second floor of the historic building in Celetná 15, where this exhibition is based, you will find yourself in a whole different world. The exhibition features temporary works of art created with help of the latest imaging technology - 3D projection, videomapping, LED mapping, or interactive videoprojection.  You will be drawn into the artwork and given the opportunity to influence its appearance by your sheer presence. Join us on the way through a labyrinth of light installations and become a part of this modern audiovisual art.

This is a unique and first of its kind permanent exposition of digital art in Prague and the Czech Republic whatsoever, trying to create a living space that will be continuously altered in terms of contents and featured artists. In the future, it would also like to offer young people from art schools the possibility to introduce here their projects. Other new video installation contents, or for example statues animated by videomapping and much more is planned for visitors to experience.

LUMIA exhibition arose from collaboration of several artists connected by relationship to modern technologies and vibrant audiovisual art, as well as by several significant years on Czech and foreign art scene.

The exhibition is suitable for general public, adults and children, individuals with passion for modern technologies and those, who enjoy using their imagination.

Warning: Not suitable for people sensitive to light and those with photosensitive epilepsy.