The best wine is always produced by small family firms. One such company is Vinařství Dvořáček (Dvořáček Winery), which is run by owner Lubomír Dvořáček from Mikulčiče and his two children. The family have been involved in wine production for several decades.
The firm has been a member of COLLEGIUM VINITORUM, an association of high quality wine producers, since 1996, and turned professional in 2000. Focused on producing first-rate, natural wine, in 2005 it became the second Czech producer of kosher wine and the first non-Jewish run one. Alongside tastings and presentations in English, the winery runs cellar tours and outings to nearby vineyards.


Vinařství Dvořáček LTM
Mikulčice 607
696 19 Mikulčice