Boskovice is a town that can boast an idyllic set of castle ruins, an Empire chateau and superbly preserved array of Jewish sites.

So how should you get the most out of a day in Boskovice? Well, start at the wonderful chateau, one of the purest examples of Empire-style architecture inMoravia. Here you’ll find a whole host of curiosities such as one of only three copper globes in the world which shows the night sky with the stars represented by heraldic symbols, and the remarkable rococo children’s theatre, a gift to the chateau’s owners from Queen Victoria of Great Britain. You’ll have great views across the town below when you climb the 40m-tall tower of the town hall.

A significant chapter in Boskovice’s history is represented by its Jewish heritage. The enclosed Jewish ghetto, separated from the town by two gates, was created in the mid-18th century. Several houses, a large synagogue containing precious Hebrew inscriptions, a large cemetery and one of the original gates, which gave access to the Jewish quarter, have survived.