Vranov nad Dyjí Château
The Vranov nad Dyjí Château in the Znojmo Region in south Moravia is one of the most interesting secular Baroque buildings in Central Europe. Take one of the guided tours and learn about the troubled past of this place!

A château with roots in the Middle Ages

The current château is a reconstruction of a medieval castle, first mentioned around 1100. The castle used to protect the borders of Moravia, formed by the Dyje River since time immemorial. Then, the owners of the castle arranged for an expensive remodelling into a Baroque château. And that is how you will find the château today, almost unaltered. The château is state-owned and when the tourist season comes, it is prepared for all the visitors who love history and art. The interiors of the château include the monumental hall of ancestors from the end of the 17th century, one of the gems of European Baroque art.  The lavishly furnished interiors indicate the exquisite culture of noble living at the Vranov nad Dyjí Château from the end of the 18th century and for the entire 19th century. The earthenware samples were made in the famous local manufactory.

What to see nearby

The château lies above the Dyje River, which then continues its journey in the meanders and in the valley between the rocks. Nature there is completely intact and it is a part of the smallest national park in the Czech Republic – Podyjí. One of the most beautiful vineyards can be found at the very heart of the park – Šobes. If you follow the flow of the Dyje River, you will get to Znojmo, a town with a medieval centre and the unique Romanesque Rotunda of St. Catherine. And when to visit Znojmo? The first half of September is the best time! It is when the Znojmo historical grape harvest takes place, a festival of wine, food and young wine. On the other hand, upstream on the Dyje River there is the Vranov Dam, a popular summer resort with man-made sandy beaches and a lot of campsites.