Moravian Slovakia is a region where folk traditions and folklore are an integral part of life. In this diverse region of colours and flavours, you can immerse yourself in aswirl of dancing, parades and festivals that are hundreds of years old, which people manage to live to the full to this very day. Aspecial place among these is held by the mens dance Verbuňk, which has even found its way onto the UNESCO list thanks to its unique nature.

The Verbuňk is danced by men in folk costumes accompanied by a cimbalo or brass band. It was originally the way recruits said goodbye when they were leaving to join the army, to prove that they were prepared for the demanding military service and also to impress the girls.

A peculiarity of Verbuňk is that the dancers are not bound by any fixed choreography. This means that each dancer can choose to interpret it any way he chooses. It is said that you cannot learn Verbuňk, but that boys from Moravian Slovakia are born with Verbuňk in their blood.

Allow yourself to be carried away in a whirl of colours and rhythms

When dancing the Verbuňk, the dancer is also a singer. Sung and danced verses alternate and the number of dance moves performed also increases as the dance speeds up. These include skips, jumps, knee bends, twirls and hand claps.

Verbuňk has become an integral part of various festivities. Men dance it at every opportunity when there is any feasting, grape harvest or even regular dances.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the energy of the dancers, which you will not experience anywhere else. Set out for Moravian Slovakia !


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