Handmade Paper Mill and Museum of Paper Velké Losiny
In addition to the presentation of traditional manufacture production of paper and wide scale of original products, more than two decades it also offers rare view of history of this craft lasting for several centuries in the exhibitions of Museum of Paper. Specialized Museum of Paper forms an integral part of Hand paper mill in Velké Losiny since 1987. Its permanent exhibitions present above all the historical development and traditions of all papermaking craft and the beginnings of modern industrial paper production in Czech countries. With its orientation to the history of manufacture paper production, it is the only of this type in Czech Republic. Connection of crucial functional and meaning elements of the paper mill – classic manufacture production of paper and museum presentation – in one compact whole creates an attractive form of live museum that enjoys great interest among visitors.
Velké Losiny manufactory is now one of the oldest still operating businesses of its kind in Europe. Handmade paper there is still produced in the traditional procedure of cotton and linen. For its high quality and durability centuries is mainly used in the visual arts, for significant personal and business correspondence, ceremonial purposes, to print bibliophile and also in book arts and restoration practice. Handmade papers and today's assortment of exclusive products have gained a permanent place popular with fans of traditional Czech handicrafts.