Since time immemorial this place has hosted regular daily fairs where the people come to buy vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc.

The hallmark of the place is the Baroque Parnas Fountain built between 1690 and 1695. It symbolizes a cave made of natural boulders decorated by allegoric statues that represent three ancient empires – Babylonia, Persia and Greece. The water to this fountain was supplied by Brno’s podest pipeline from the River Svratka. You are able to visit the unique labyrinth of underground passageways and cellars and their exhibitions.

The market also has an underground part – the so-called Labyrinth Beneath the Vegetable Market. Experienced guides in historical costumes will lead you through the system of old cellars and passageways.  You will get to see the mysterious nooks and crannies of the medieval passages and cellars including a historic pillory. You will find out more about how people in the Middle Ages stored food in their cellars and the old wine cellar will give you a chance to learn about the local history of wine-making. Another part of the tour is a visit to an alchemist’s laboratory, which honours the famous doctors and pharmacists who were working in Brno and made the city famous across Europe.



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