Proof of the fact that the Moravian capital still has its secrets, is the newly renovated Brno underground under Zelný trh. It was only recently that a tour route was opened here for the general public, which leads under the surface of one of the oldest squares in Brno. If you want to enjoy the unique experience of an underground labyrinth, an interesting exhibition or tour in period costumes, visit the Brno underground!

During the forty-minute tour, you will have to negotiate more than 200 steps, via which you will descend to a depth of eight metres. In the underground, you can see a historical wine cellar, alchemist’s workshop and jail. The braver visitors among you can try wearing the masks which were used during denunciation. If even that is not enough for you, the guide can lock you in the “lunatic cage” for a while.

Those of a nervous disposition should stay away from Brno!

Discover the maze of corridors, dark corners and an entertaining exhibition! Visit the Brno underground and really get to know Brno in depth!