Brdy Mountains

Brdy Mountains

Wilderness hidden in Central Bohemia near Prague

There is no other more barren area in Bohemia that you can legally visit. The undulated terrain has experienced the romantic hiking period in the 19th century as well as an era when it was used for military training, which preserved the original forests to this day. The area remains rugged, free from any tourist facilities – “only” a beautiful, barren landscape. In 2016 when the Army abolished the military district in the region, a protected landscape area was founded.
Brdy Mountains in Central Bohemia about 50 km southwest from Prague are not very high – they are more representative of a hilly landscape with not too high peaks. The highest reach approximately six hundred metres above sea level.  The hills are covered with deep forests interwoven with creeks and lakes. 
The central part of the Brdy Mountains used to be occupied by a military training area, which was not accessible to the public. The military space was replaced with a protected landscape area in 2016, which is partially opened to the public.  You can go for a walk in the forest or hike one of the trails, or take your bike on one of the cycling paths. Approximately 450 km of them will be marked in the future.

Mining Příbram

The Brdy Mountains are best accessible from the mining town of Příbram. You should definitely visit the Open-air Mining Museum and explore the local underground. The expositions in the historical workshops and office buildings inform about the rich history of the town connected with the mining of silver, uranium and other metals that Brdy has always had an abundance of.  The museum offers a ride in the mining train, tours several kilometres of free levels as well as a descent into the pit by lift. You will learn about the unique steam mining machines and mining folklore.

A Baroque Pearl near Příbram

The well-known European St. Mary place of pilgrimage, a Baroque architectural gem, has been watching over the town of Příbram for more than 300 years. Svatá Hora near Příbram has become one of the best known places of pilgrimage in Central Europe and one of the most valuable buildings of early Bohemian Baroque. Great Baroque architects, artisans and wood-carvers participated in the construction of the temple.  Both entry portals are the best of what was built in the territory of today’s Czech Republic in the 18th century.  You should definitely visit Svatá Hora. Whether you go for the purpose of a spiritual journey, or just to admire the artwork of previous generations.   


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