Toušeň Peat Spa

Toušeň Peat Spa

An oasis of peace and comfort just a few dozen kilometres from Prague offering a range of modern balneological procedures.

Toušeň Spa lies at the confluence of the Elbe and Jizera rivers, 25km to the north-west of Prague. The town, nestled in level countryside with its mild, lowland climate, welcomed its first guests to the spa in 1868.

Come and unwind…

Toušeň Spa was founded by Jan Králík in 1868 on an iron spring, which became the basis of the local medical procedures. In 1889, the spa expanded the treatment methods with the very popular peat baths. Peat is considered the family silver of Toušeň Peat Spa.

Toušeň Spa provides treatments for illnesses affecting the spine, joints and soft parts of the motor apparatus. Apart from baths, you can also try out a variety of procedures, including massage, electrotherapy and gas injections.

For more than a hundred years now, the main procedure offered is bathing in sulphur-ferrous peat from the spa’s own deposits at Labiště, close to the nearby town of Čelákovice. Peace and comfort for spa treatment is ensured by the closed spa complex with its own spa park, colonnade and café.

Where next?

The confluence of the Elbe and Jizera rivers offers the possibility of easy walks and bike trips. Nearby Prague offers rich opportunities for fans of culture and city life.


Slatinné lázně Toušeň
Hlavní 19
250 89 Lázně Toušeň