1000 km of the Norther Trail and 1000 km of the Southern Trail will take you around Czechia and grant you 2000 km of immense experiences, diverse nature, and extraordinary stories.

It is an unrivalled thru-hike not only because it takes you all around Czechia, but because it shows you the most prominent and wildest parts of the country. You will wander through national parks, protected landscape areas, sandstone cities, vineyards, water basins, and picturesque villages.

Anyone can dare to hike the Czech trail. It's up to you when, where and how you start the journey. You can divide it into weekends, go from west to east or vice versa. Fast, slow, or maybe run. Sleep in the huts, tents or under the open sky. On the way, when needed, you will find services with certification “hikers welcome” where they meet your hiking demands. At some places you can even encounter special Trail Angels, who comforts you after days of hiking with kind services, heartening words, and little bit of companion. Don’t forget that you share the trail and nature with other people and wildlife, therefore, please leave no trace.

Get the necessary information, check what other hikers have to say about the trail on the official Czech Trail website. Or download the route straight in to your phone through the FarOut App, which is the biggest app for long distance trails in the world. And off you go!