Chuchle Arena Prague Racecourse and Riders Academy
Experience the atmosphere of horse racing in Prague! Follow the calendar of the more than 100-year-old racetrack in Velká Chuchle. Or learn to ride a horse in the Chuchel riders academy.

The Velká Chuchle racecourse was inaugurated in 1906 and since then, horse races have been held here almost continuously, even during the war years.

Head out for horce race afternoons and multi-day show jumping events and if you fancy you can even bet on your favourite. The Chuchle Riders Academy for both beginners and advanced riders interested in active horse riding is also open all year round.

Special attention is paid to the smallest visitors in Prague-Velká Chuchla. Children under 15 years of age are admitted free of charge on all racing days. Kids will certainly not be bored at the races - there are outdoor and indoor playgrounds, a mini-zoo and they can ride one of the Chuchle ponies for free.