Sychrov Chateau

Sychrov Chateau

A beautiful fairy-tale chateau you can visit all year round

Explore the Neo-Gothic chateau near Bohemian Paradise north of Prague. The chateau was originally used as a representative residence of the noble Rohan family and today it is a popular site with filmmakers, as well as families with children. The advantage of the chateau is that it is open all year round.

A chateau for everyone

The originally Baroque chateau owes its current Neo-Gothic look to the prince of the originally French Rohan family. The chateau is one of the most important buildings in the romantic French-type Neo-Gothic style and most of it is accessible to the public, so visitors can get a perfect idea of how a rich noble family lived in a countryside residence in the second half of the 19th century. The chateau rooms are furnished with original furniture, paintings and other accessories and most chambers are also lavishly decorated with wood carving.
Make sure to see the Technopolis exhibition, focusing on the inventions and inventors of the 19th and 20th centuries, which you can find in the former chateau stables. The English park with an area of 26 ha contains one of the richest botanical collections in the Czech Republic. Many great Czech composers such as Antonín Dvořák used to stay there and now there is an annual music festival, Dvořákův Sychrov a Turnov.

Traditional markets and Scottish games

Sychrov is one of the most popular destinations in north Bohemia, also thanks to the number of events there. There are Easter and Advent markets with craft shows, fencing group shows, puppet shows, jugglers and falconers. Moreover, the Scots take over the Sychrov Chateau every year at the end of August when the traditional Scottish games take place, including tartan, kilts, Scottish bagpipes and whisky, the cultural heritage of Scotland. These games are one of the largest Scottish games events in Europe.

What to see nearby

South of Sychrov, by the Prague motorway, you will find the town of Mladá Boleslav. It is the town where the Škoda car factory has been present for more than a hundred years, so do not hesitate to visit the local Škoda Museum. North of Sychrov, there are the Jizerské Mountains on the border with Poland with Ještěd, a mountain with a unique television transmitter and hotel. What about spending a night in the clouds?


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