Lázně Libverda

Lázně Libverda

Lázně Libverda is located in the picturesque northern foothills of the Jizera Mountains.

The former seat of the Clam-Gallas family has become a small and tranquil spa resort situated ca. 30 km far from Liberec. Our spa is located in a picturesque valley in the northern part of the Jizerské Mountains. Spa Libverda is situated at 424 m above sea level, in the Czech Republic, close to the border with Poland and Germany. The spa is easily accessible by car, bus or train.

Come and unwind…

The major healing source is the hydrogencarbonate water with magnesium content. The mineral water is hypotonic, with high content of carbon dioxide. Average content of carbon dioxide is 2400 mg/l. The water is used for baths and drinking cures. Healing springs have been known here since the 14th century. Mineral water would be called „Holy Water“ in those days. Historic records convey that August I, Elector of Saxony, was cured at Spa Libverda in the 16th century, and so was Albrecht of Wallenstein, the future owner of the estate. A record of 1785 says: „The water has a healing effect on the brain and the neural system, on boosting the functions of bodily organs; it stimulates mental activity, accelerates pulse and reduces neural system disorder.“ The spa gained fame and prosperity with the contribution of the Clam-Gallas aristocratic family. A number of houses were built in the Empire and Neo-Classical styles in 1783 – 1808. In addition to the Christian’s spring, accessible on the colonnade, six other healing springs are situated in the municipality area. Spa specializes in heart diseases, especially following myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, post-operative conditions and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, we specialize in disorders of the locomotor system, degenerative diseases and conditions after orthopaedic surgeries. Additionally, we treat neuroses and similar non-psychotic illnesses.

Libverda Spa’s major treatment is natural carbonic bath (bubble bath) with healing effect on bloodstream and blood cells, heart, locomotor and neural systems. The healing principle rests in the penetration of carbon dioxide into blood vessels and their subsequent expansion, which promotes blood circulation in the bodily organs. Mineral water is used as drinking cure in case of digestion and kidney disorders. Nevertheless, Spa Libverda offers other treatments such as massages, hot wraps, detoxication wrap, baths, therapeutic gymnastics, water gymnastics, electrotherapy, oxygen therapy etc. Wellness center JIZERA is an opportunity for regeneration and relaxation of the body, not only because of beautiful environments, which forget the problems of the outside world, but also to offer duality wellness services – aromatherapeutic massage, aromatherapeutic baths, body peelings, lava stone massage etc. The majority of the accommodation facilities have been widely renovated and rooms have been modernized.

Where next?

Thanks to its location and pleasant climate the health resort is an ideal place for recreational hiking or mountain trips with the use of a great number of marked hiking trails. Tennis courts, mini-golf course and fitness studio serve for active recreation. The nearby cycling routes in summer, or cross-country skiing tracks in winter, are always a perfect choice. Spa resort is situated ca. 120 km far from Prague. In Liberec you can find Liberec ZOO, botanical garden or aqua park Babylon. Spa is situated in a convenient location – close the border with Germany and Poland. Come with us to visit our neighbours in one of our trips for natural and cultural beauty.


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