Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland

2008/2009 Winner Category “Tourism and Protected Areas”

A beautiful land of unprecedented rocky towns, romantic valleys, wild ravines, melancholic rivers, picturesque villages, deep forests, winding roads, rocky castles and caverns, a region entered through one of the world's wonders - the Pravčická Gate. Together this area forms a unique cross-border region with the neighbouring Czech-Saxon Switzerland crowned by two national parks.

The first EDEN in the country

Bohemian Switzerland became the very first European Destination of Excellence in the Czech Republic in 2009. The competition theme was Tourism and Protected Areas. They have been striving for sustainable development of tourism since the national park of Bohemian Switzerland was declared in 2000. 

Environmentally-friendly transport

In addition to the network of cars and cycle-buses, you can get to the edge of the national park by boat. There is the National Park Railway, which can transport tourists to any attraction in the national parks on the Bohemian and Saxon side, using a unique loop track. Cyclists can arrive in the area along the unique Elbe Trail, connected to a network of cycling trails.

A broad selection

Marking of new tourist trails and promoting and making less popular destinations in the national park more accessible is intended to redirect tourists from places that are too busy. The network of information centres is expanding, new educational trails are being created, there is a network of bike, electric bike, scooter, boat, raft and climbing equipment rentals, and new offers of environmentally-friendly adventure stays, including adrenalin ones. The regional products are certified and tourists are directed towards craft, handmade and typical manufacturers.

Known and Unknown Destinations

The Pravčická Gate is undoubtedly the most popular attraction. It is intoxicating to hike to the gate from the Mezní Meadow along the panoramic Gabriela’s Trail. You can also enjoy it from the scenic viewing points on the opposite massif where the view of Malý Pravčický Cone and the Silver Walls will astonish you. The Edmund Gorge and Wild Gorge formed by the Kamenice River are interesting as well, offering a double cruise on a small ferry and a commentary of the captain. You will enjoy these two destinations much more if you go there in early spring or when autumn is in full sway.
Bohemian Switzerland is spectacular countryside, so lookout towers are a logical destination. The stone tower at Sněžník, the helix lookout tower in Janov or in Studenec, the architecturally unique Růženka lookout tower, the stone tower in Jedlová, Vlčí hora with a glass gallery, or the brick Tanečnice. Wandering through the rock formation of the Tisá Rocks is entrancing, or you can take an unforgettable trip to the enchanting ruins of the Dolský Mill or hike up the summit of Šaunštejn with one of the most spectacular views in the region.
Follow the unique loop trail along the panoramic Jetřichovice scenic viewing points or take a stroll through the Pavlínino Valley and the Pavlínka educational trail, or the new and environmentally-friendly hiking trail to Falkenštejn. The gnomes carved into the Trpasličí Rock by Rynartice are picturesque. The east gateway to Bohemian Switzerland is Krásná Lípa, from where you can follow the stream of the Křinice River all the way to the Kyjovské Valley, above which the cascade of the famous Brtnice icefalls is formed at the end of winter.
It is the only place where you can admire the gems of folk architecture, the unique Upper Lusatian houses. There are hundreds of places where you will be surprised with alcoved rock chapels, stations of the Cross, the pilgrimage Chapel of the Virgin Mary in Česká Kamenice, secret Brethren Altars in the middle of a forest, even a chapel carved into a rock – you will find it in Všemily. One beautiful and very popular destination is the Thun’s château in Děčín.