Kroměříž Gardens

Kroměříž Gardens

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the gardens in Kroměříž

During the summer, Kroměříž is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. The local gardens, which are included in the UNESCO world heritage list, represent a perfect symbiosis of light, plants, water, art and architecture. The Castle and Gardens are some of the most beautiful in Europe. You will be engulfed by a labyrinth of green walls, original floral and sculptural decoration, so take a walk along the colonnade and past the historical greenhouses.

This complex under the patronage of world heritage is dominated by a monumental Baroque chateau, whose high tower offers an unforgettable view over the city, its beautiful gardens and wider surrounding areas.

Who has a Titian in the garden?

The Archbishop’s Chateau also includes a picture gallery famous throughout Europe, which is home to a phenomenal collection of Central European paintings of the 15th – 18th centuries. The collection of paintings was established by the Bishop of Olomouc Charles II of Lichtenstein, who employed many artists and copiers and thus gained a collection of paintings by famous artists. The most famous and most valuable work in the Lichtenstein collection is a picture by the Venetian master Tiziano Vecelli. You will also get a look at originals by masters such as van Dyck or Cranash the elde. If you like good wine, visit the medieval Archbishop’s Wine Cellars. You can thus admire the architecture here, the gardens and the collections with a glass of sacramental wine in your hand.

Gardens you will want to lose yourself in

Kroměříž’s greatest treasure are its gardens. The Flower Garden was established in the middle of the 17th century and exhibits precise symmetry. It is richly decorated with statues and fountains with jets of water. You will also find a rotunda in its centre. The whole of one side is lined with an elegant colonnade with statues of the gods of antiquity. The Chateau Garden is a wonderful example of a well-maintained park with a unique collection of trees.

Where else to set out for?

You can vary your stay with pleasant trips into the surrounding areas. You could for example visit the town of Uherské Hradiště, which is famed for its lively folklore tradition. The city of Zlín on the other hand is inherently linked with the name of Tomáš Baťa, founder of the most famous footwear brand.