Luhačovice Spa

Luhačovice Spa

A spa fairy-tale scented with sweet waffles

Enchanting buildings designed by one of the leading representatives of art nouveau architecture, freely accessible mineral springs that have been rising to the ground for centuries, or the intoxicating scent of freshly baked spa waffles. This is Luhačovice: the largest Moravian spa located near Zlín. A city where you can have a good rest and get a rush of new energy.

Jurkovič’s Architecture and Following Colonnade - Fairy-tale world of folk art nouveau

Dušan S. Jurkovič was a Slovak architect with a typical style of folk art nouveau. The most important works by Jurkovič include the set of buildings in the Luhačovice spa, where he worked for three years. The most beautiful building of Luhačovice is allegedly Jurkovič’s House, which he renovated in 1902 and had the interior and façade colourfully painted. The local colonnade by architect Oskar Poříska from the mid-20th century follows Jurkovič’s style and joins his solitaire buildings into a compact spa centre.

Curative Mineral Springs - A sip of salty water leads to better health

The natural curative springs are the main advantage of Luhačovice. The salty local waters have a high content of mineral substances and are considered to be one of the most effective in Europe. The therapy helps with diseases related to the breathing apparatus or the organs of motion, diabetes and other ailments. Some springs are potable, others are suitable for inhalations and others for spa baths, which patients here take up to 80 thousand times a year! The best-known spring is Vincentka, popular since the end of the 17th century. Once in a while, a hydrologist or a clairvoyant is invited to the spa to find a new spring, which is then drilled and opened with a ceremony.

Luhačovice Spa World - Relax your body and soul

The spa of Luhačovice is not just a complex of buildings you enter at the beginning of your holiday and leave at the end. It is a place surrounded with green countryside and a recently renovated spa park, adeptly complementing the unique beauty and the fairy-like atmosphere of the whole town. Take a stroll through the park with a maple tree avenue, fill up a cup with water from a spring surrounded with blooming magnolias and relax. The town offers a lot of hotels with wellness programmes, including massages, beauty wraps, hydro-massage baths, or wax wraps. The spa also offers therapeutic stays, tailored to your needs by the local medical staff. In short, when you leave Luhačovice, you will be well rested, fresh and full of energy.

Waffles as Large as Plates - A symbol that tastes delicious

Everyone knows the legendary local waffles: thin, round and so delicious! You can buy this famous delicacy with various flavours on every corner, as it belongs to Luhačovice as inherently as the spa and, moreover, it is a great spa souvenir. The waffles are made from natural ingredients, are hand filled, and famous for their crispness. The air in Luhačovice is filled with their sweet smell that never gets palls on. When you go to one of the local cafés, you can have the waffle with a delicious cup of coffee, homemade lemonade, or one of the local mineral waters.

Sports Use in Luhačovice

When you have had enough of spa procedures and hot pools, it is time to get active and go to town! In addition to the already-mentioned park, a stroll through the town or along the well-marked and paved spa trails in the surroundings is also beautiful. There are several places where you can rent poles for Nordic walking, in-line skates or a bicycle – you can ride through the adjacent protected area of the White Carpathians. On hot summer days, we recommend taking a dip in the Luhačovice dam, encircled with a four-kilometre long in-line skating path. Small children will be happy to take a scenic ride in the car-train, running from May to September.

Tips for Trips around Luhačovice

When wandering through the countryside around Luhačovice, make a stop in Zlín, an ingeniously built functionalistic town, and a unique piece of evidence of post-war urbanism. The nearby Velehrad also offers a couple of sights – visit the first Moravian Cistercian monastery or the monastery basilica, awarded the Golden Rose by Pope John Paul II in 1985. Even Uherské Hradiště, the heart of the Slovácko region, is full of interesting sights, quality wine and cembalo music, which you will fall in love with when you first hear it.