For centuries, this magical landscape on the Moravian/Slovak border, known as Moravian Slovakia, has been sensitively cultivated through the harmonic coexistence of Man and Nature. Thanks to their vast meadowlands, the White Carpathians are amongst the most valuable meadow biotopes in Europe and are registered a UNESCO biosphere reservation.

From orchid meadows and forests to the peaks

If you’re a fan of orchids, then the famous orchid meadows of the White Carpathians – with the most extensive and species-rich concentration of the plant in Central Europe – are a must-see. You’ll also like the rural farms, surrounded by fields, orchards and pastures, and vast forests, with typical Carpathian flora and fauna. Amongst the particularly appreciated localities are the Čertoryje and Jazevčí Nature Reserves. Another popular destination is Velká Javořina (970 m), the highest peak in the White Carpathians, with views stretching far into Moravia and Slovakia and the primeval forest containing beech trees hundreds of years old. Educational trails, for example the Javořina, Šumárník and Lopeník trails, will also take you through many fascinating localities.

The White Carpathians for hikers and cyclists

The dense network of hiking trails, cycle routes and many monuments in the mountains and foothills of the White Carpathians are an invitation to all those who don’t just want to admire the wonders of Nature. In the village of Kuželov, for example, is a preserved windmill, with lookout towers on Velký Lopeník and Travičná mountains. Also worth a look are the Neo-Gothic Nový Světlov Chateau in Bojkovice, the open-air museum in Strážnice, buildings by architect Dušan Jurkovič in Luhačovice Spa and the ruins of the Romanesque castle in Brumov. Cycle tourists can try the long-distance Beskid-Carpathian Cycle Route or a regional route, for example the cycle route along the banks of the Baťa Canal to see the White Carpathians in all their beauty!