Poděbrady – balm for your heart

For over a century, Poděbrady has been one of the most important Czech spa towns. This is chiefly thanks to its springs, stable weather, and harmonious environment on the banks of the Elbe, along with the calm atmosphere of its colonnade surrounded by a well-maintained park and stylish cafés.

They say that Poděbrady is “in the heart”. The town’s renowned Poděbradka mineral spring is used to successfully treat diseases of the circulatory system, heart and blood vessels, metabolism disorders and diseases affecting the motor system. The local mineral baths and drinking regime have helped a great number of patients, including the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Cover yourself in chocolate!

The town is home to numerous exclusive hotels offering a complete spa service. You can enjoy not only classic treatments, but also truly special procedures. How would you like, for instance, to be wrapped up in chocolate, or to undergo a honey or caramel massage? You can also relax with a Thai massage, a saline bath or a hot stone massage. Made to measure stays have become highly popular in recent years, meaning you can enjoy a pleasant bachelorette weekend or, by contrast, a relaxation package for men.

To the chateau or the green?

Have you experienced a pleasant procedure and are now thinking about how to spend the rest of the day? Explore the spa town! You certainly shouldn’t neglect to visit its most distinctive structure, a Baroque chateau on the banks of the Elbe. Meanwhile, you are sure to come upon the majestic statue of the town’s most important son, the Czech king George of Poděbrady, who, as the first progressive ruler in the history of Europe, called for the creation of a “community of nations”. Sit awhile in the pleasant shade of the whispering branches in the local park, before finishing your stroll at the famous floral clock. If you enjoy being more active, the town is home to tennis courts, mini golf and a swimming pool, as well as ideal conditions for yachting, horse riding, and an 18-hole golf course.

Where to next?

Discover the historical treasures around Poděbrady! For the perfect illusion of the chivalrous era of the Middle Ages visit nearby Kutná Hora. A delightful town, it boasts two Gothic cathedrals and appears on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. If you like horses, it’s well worth visiting the national stud at Kladruby nad Labem; it’s known for breeding majestic Kladruber horses, which are mainly used for ceremonial occasions.

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